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Here at A New Muse, we offer a variety of options for private lessons on  cello. We are based in Louisville, Kentucky, and can provide in-person lessons locally or virtual lessons for people further away. Lessons are most often scheduled once a week, below is additional information about each of our options.

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Schedule a virtual consultation to  introduce yourself and your goals to your private lessons teacher. If you have any questions about starting lessons this is the perfect time to ask. This consultation will help us create lesson plans specifically tailored to YOU!

Online Music Lesson

30 min lessons

30 min lessons are most often assigned to younger students from 7 to 2 years old. This is to accommodate for their shorter attention spans. In other situations a 30 min lesson may be suggested by your teacher. 

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hour long lessons

Hour long lessons are most common from age 8 and up, this allows the teacher and student enough time to get a firm grasp on lesson content. and prepare for future lessons.

Monthly plans vs.
one by one

We offer the option to schedule one lesson at a time or to set up a plan of one lesson each week for a month. Scheduling lessons one by one might be a good option for people who have a changing schedule or are trying out lessons for the first time or people who have short term goals like auditions . Monthly plans are convenient for people who have long term goals  and would prefer to use a set schedule.

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